One day I was walking into town from the high school. I had been at the high school because I thought I'd run around the track some. People like to run a lot. Even though I hated running I still wanted to be one of those people. So I dressed up in athletic shorts I only ever wore to bed and this athletic bra and shirt that I only ever wore on a hiking trip and some socks and some tennis shoes I liked to wear when I didn't want to feel preppy, and I put my hair in a ponytail and filled up a water bottle I found at the bottom of my closet, and I stole my sister's ipod thing that straps around your arm because she is a running person that would have that type of thing, and I made an awesome playlist that took me two hours during work the day before, and I drove with all the windows down and got "pumped" and parked and walked out on the track with the water bottle in my hand and then across the football field that was in the middle I saw someone I knew so I left.