9/9/23, 7:14am

she slept so well last night

the best she’s ever slept

he was right about the swaddle

i was worried

(i am always worried)

about the smell of smoke on her clothes

not cigarette

of course

but bonfire

she was nuzzled in the arms

of her future godmother last night

and she stared up at the trees

wide eyes

wide wide eyes

as her future godmother walked around the yard

avoiding the smoke that kept following them

like the smoke was saying,

“let me hold her.”

it was a smoky night.

was it bad for her little lungs?

did i give her asthma?

(i am always worried)

i should not look it up

i will make it worse for myself

she slept so well.

is that a bad sign?

did the noxious fumes put her out?


you are always so worried

(i am always so worried)

i am holding her in my arms just in case