Yesterday my husband pulled off the most incredible, thoughtful, beautiful surprise for my 30th birthday. He created a 35-minute short film documenting my life, including professional interviews of my family, kind testimonies from many of my friends, photos & home videos from my childhood and beyond, and secret footage he had taken of me with my baby daughter. AND he created an original soundtrack to score the movie as well. He rented out a private screen at our local independent movie theater and invited all my family and friends to surprise me and watch the film together. It was… out of this world.

He spent hours upon hours coordinating this, scanning photos, editing videos, formatting files, recording music and voiceover, and making test runs at the movie theater. All while I was completely in the dark about it. (He said he’s never going to try to keep anything else secret from me ever again because of how hard and stressful it was.)

I rounded the corner of the theater without a clue of what I was walking into: a theater full of my very sneaky family and friends smiling and cheering at me, and a custom movie about my life on the big screen.

It is called Three Seasons, and is divided into three parts: Past, Present, and Future. The past was filled with home videos of me as a baby and little kid (some that I had never seen before!) spliced with photos and interviews of my family talking about me as a child. It also included a song my husband wrote about us with a montage of pictures from our ten years together. And a perfect edit of our wedding footage. During the Present, my family and friends sent in videos describing me with the kindest words. But my favorite part was the footage and photos of our daughter set to beautiful, hopeful, emotional music. The Future had my family and friends’ encouraging predictions for my future.

I cried the whole time.

And then we all got to hang out afterwards! With delicious cake!!!

I am still processing it all. There are not enough words to capture the joy of yesterday. I am grateful for my family and so many sweet people who contributed to the film and came to celebrate with me.

But I am most grateful for husband, who has created a world where this kind of magic and love is possible. It was the greatest gift for me, but also for our daughter, as he intended it to be.