solstice to solstice

six months ago, on the summer solstice, i was in labor with my baby.

today my husband and i exchanged the birth stories we had written. it was so fun listening to his perspective and reliving that wonderful day.

by morning we will have a six-month-old!

hard to imagine, even while we live and breathe it. we’ve been parents for six months!

planning on making salt dough ornaments of her hands and feet tomorrow! it’d also be nice if i wrote a reflection piece for our family newsletter. we will see.

still need to wrap presents. we didn’t really buy any for the majority of our family or any of our friends. keeping it tight this year and just focusing on quality time. people understand. i would like to write letters to some people though, at least. need to do that too.

very excited for swim lessons for the baby in the new year!

i need to text my tutoring student and ask him how his essay exam went.

will try to implement a more firm schedule with the baby leading up to her pediatrician appointment, so when we start sleep coaching it will be easier. she is already sleeping pretty well on her own with just sleep shaping. very proud of her. she’s gotten very good at putting the binky in her mouth by herself. i remember when the thought of that seemed like an impossibly far milestone.

i am so grateful for my beautiful sweet daughter. i am still amazed that my body has begotten life. truly a miracle. we are so utterly grateful and blessed. she is my favorite everything. my life has felt so much more meaningful and beautiful the past six months. i so hope that we can have at least one more baby so we can give her a sibling.

still glowing with happiness at the news that our best friends, our daughter’s godparents, are pregnant! her godmother is due just one day past my original due date—she will be on the same pregnancy timeline that i was. praying for them. we can’t wait to meet that little baby. our daughter’s godsibling. they will be such wonderful parents.

will try not to be stressed over the next few days. the christmas day meal is happening earlier than i thought (1pm instead of 4pm) and i am stressed that we will be there all day and i need to cook some things for it. trying hard not to say “ugh.” it will get done. will try to get it done with joy. and not stress. this is a special time.

will give the baby mashed potatoes on christmas!!! excited to see her try them, but also nervous about such a big milestone. my little baby is getting so big so fast already. holding so tightly to every moment. a high chair?! sitting on the sink with me in the morning?! rocking tabletop, ready to crawl soon?! she is getting to be such a big girl.

i will be so blessed if i am able to grow old and watch her grow old. it will be the greatest privilege of my life. being robbed of that is my greatest fear now.

solstice to solstice. this is a special time. i am glad we three were able to get in nature together today. walking by the river. walking through the trees. walking through the mud. crunching snow and leaves.

i love my little family.