i want to get the baby a bouncer/activity table because she loves standing while we hold her and is just starting to play with toys. i think one of these things would make her so happy and really help her development. maybe a christmas present? but maybe that will be too late. hm. we’ll see.

i need to write my four month poem asap

she is so sleepy after her vaccines 🥺

i asked chat gpt to make me a chore schedule for when i become sah and i’ve never been more excited to do chores. it’s so weird. but i am so happy to have the opportunity to make our house what i want it to be for our daughter. homemaking is a real thing and i feel like it is so undervalued and dismissed (by all genders). i feel like i’m letting go of being a “powerful woman” by becoming sah, but i keep reminding myself that true feminism is the power of choice. i honestly feel like i will better have the power to be who i want to be this way. it’s not only best for my baby, but best for me too.

i really enjoyed making homemade chicken noodle soup for the first time!! it tasted so good, and i loved layering the flavors and using fresh herbs i’ve been growing and tasting and adjusting…. cooking makes me feel like a witch, lol. bubbling and boiling and throwing different earthly elements in a big pot. what fun.

i really need to go to joann fabrics tomorrow to get the last materials i need for the baby’s pumpkin costume. sewing is also so fun. also somehow witchy. i want to make little baby clothes and teethers for everyone i know who has a baby!

crying in h mart has me thinking a lot about my relationship with my daughter. i hope my daughter will know i love her as much as michelle knew her mother loved her.

it also makes me want to learn korean and travel to asia. i had a student do a presentation back in 2016 on namsan tower and i have wanted to go there ever since then. we know like four different couples from different circles who visited japan within the past two months. i’d love to go to tokyo and see the mountains and cherry blossoms of the japanese countryside. the book also described vietnam so beautifully. and my friend who would visit family in india has always made me want to visit there too. of course the great wall of china is on my bucket list. i want to travel everywhere, really. will be quite a while due to kids tho.

i am nervous to travel in a non-english speaking country, but plenty of people seem to get by. i just am terrified of inconveniencing or annoying any locals with my ignorance. it’s too bad i am estranged from my aunt who teaches japanese and korean; she was so cool until she cyberbullied me when i was in middle school.

languages i want to learn:





spanish (i have intermediate knowledge of this one already)

i predict that the first international travel we do post-kids is in the caribbean, though. or maybe canada lol