i gave up on Heart Berries. beautifully written but didn’t like the audiobook reader; i think it would be better if read as a real book. also there’s some heavy stuff in there that i’m not in a place to engage with now.

listening now to Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner and i love it. she describes grief so well and describes food in a way that leaves you drooling and ready to eat a chinese-korean feast at 7:30 in the morning.

eta: this is one book i think is better to listen to than read because 1) i love when books are read by the author, 2) her speaking voice is just as nice as her singing voice (which makes sense since she comes from a family of voice actors), and 3) i can actually hear her pronounce all of the korean words correctly, which my internal voice would not be able to do.

she is visiting case university on 10/19 and i would really love to go see her but the talk starts right at the baby’s bedtime. sigh. i miss being a college student and going to cool talks and performances. listening to a lot of japanese breakfast today instead.