so idk how to set the timezone on here, but i keep starting a gemlog late at night and it’s naming the file the next day because it’s the next day in australia or something already.

i hate pumping at work so much. it’s so annoying and gross. i am so glad when i’m wfh.

working with kids a lot this week because so many people are out sick. it’s nice. they like me. they got excited when i came into the dining hall this morning. that feels good.

show tonight went well!

i think maybe will use gemlog to track my everyday thoughts and my diary to track more emotional reflections

i got a new haircut this past weekend (like a shag with curtain bangs) and my one coworker said it “looks fabulous,” and it looks good in the pictures from tonight, so that’s good ^.^ i always get self conscious and regretful after haircuts so glad that at least today was a good hair day